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Next time you're in Office Max | Cash and Carry | Kmart etc..grab a pack of pencils, paper, comp. books, etc. Sponsor the Virgin Islands Teachers that raise our children on island. 


Every adult knows or has a kid with a teacher. Start with supporting that teacher. 

Here is a suggested list of needs: Cases of bottle water, Printer Ink, Air purifier filters,  Posters (paper),  Educational poster boards, Dry erase markers,  Erasers,  White board cleaner,  Timers,   Bulletin board borders,  Keyboards,  Computer mouse, Cleaning supplies, Tissues, Staplers and staples, Red pens (black and blue also), Crayons,  Sharpeners, Storage bins,  Highlighters, Expanding file, Rulers,  Glue, Index cards, Reward stickers...

From this list we can think about what else our Virgin Island Educators need. Your support is highly appreciated...


Appreciate your interest

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