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Come on out to our 1st Annual VI/PR Friendship Festival At E’s Garden Teahouse & Things in Garden Street On October 9, 2023, from 10 am to 6 pm.There will be Fantastic Food, Fun, Frolic and Freebies for everyone. You will have access to a full bar and kitchen, wall to wall artwork by local artist, several healthy and tasty teas to sip on.

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E's Garden Teahouse Downtown St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 


E's Garden Teahouse write up in


On the way up Government Hill toward my hotel, At Home in the Tropics B&B, I stop at a little green cottage, E’s Garden Teahouse, where owner Judith Watlington-Edwin, who has a magnificent head of gray dreads, tells me how a trip to China changed her life. “Seeing all the teahouses there, I thought, That might be a nice thing to do when I retire… and voilà!”

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